Literary Festivals April 2016!

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Here’s my newest article on UK literary festival in April 2016! Enjoy!





Happy Easter!

Hoping everyone has a Happy Easter! Don’t forget to tell everyone you love them! 


Goosebumps Alive

Hello everyone! I’m excited to inform you I will be attending GOOSEBUMPS Alive, the new theatrical production to be held in the Waterloo Vaults, thus meaning I will be able to give you all the gory details and insights to the show. Expect my article in two weeks time! 



10 ways to keep reading costs down

My newest horde.
My newest horde.

As a student who loves books, i’m well aware that reading can be a very expensive luxury. Over the last ten years, book prices have doubled which makes it extremely difficult for the everyday person to indulge their habit. Going into a Waterstones bookstore today, I picked up 18 different books from different genres and the prices ranged from £6.99-£14.99. Bare in mind, a book worm such as myself who bulk reads when I have time off uni, will go through about 2 books a week depending on the length. Those prices are not the kind I consider sustainable and so I’ve had to find other ways to feed my hobbie. Here is a list of ten things I do to continue my book ravaging:

  1. LIBRARIES. This is the most obvious one, but somehow people always forget they have a local library down the road from them. Council libraries are completely free to join, and once you’ve joined you have a great selection of books to choose from, PLUS if you want something specific, most libraries offer a order in service so you can get it at your library. Just don’t forget taking them back or extending your loan as overdue prices can rack up quickly, believe me, I know.
  2. Markets. This can be book markets or normal ones. Nearly every decent sized market i’ve been to has had at least one stall selling books and you can almost always get a super cheap bargain.
  3. Car Boot Sales. People are always trying to get rid of their old books to make way for new ones so car boot sales are a great place to take them of the sellers hands. Most are cheap to enter, plus it’s also a fun day out.
  4. Charity Shops. These places have been my savior in previous years. I like the fact that I can buy cheap books and actually keep them without having to return them to a library. Oxfam actually has Oxfam bookshops. But in general, you can pick up some really good books at knock off prices.
  5. Amazon. One of the easiest ways to buy books is You can find pretty much anything you want in any genre. On most of the books you click on, amazon gives you another option to buy used or new editions. If you click on the used button, you can get them second-hand, normally in really good condition, for a knock off price. You do occasionally get one with someones notes in, but I actually quite like reading the notes, adds to the literature I think haha.
  6. Second-hand bookstores. Not necessarily charity shops, normal bookstores but cheaper. You often have to dig through piles of books, but it’s worth it in the end.
  7. Phone/Ipod/Computer Apps. If you type ‘free books’ into your phone/computer app store, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something. For example I liked to use: Wattpad which has loads of new stuff that new writers have published, alot of them are REALLY good.
  8. Facebook. Often I’ve used facebook and my social networks to get new books, for example I simply ask if anyone’s got a copy I could borrow or buy. Plus you can look up local free book companies or charities where you might buy or get free books, there may even be events you can find on there. Easy peasy.
  9. Ebay. Ebay is a good place to look for books but be careful of delivery charges, sometimes they can be waaay more than the cost of the book and that’s not great.
  10. Friends. I often ask my friends if they have books I could borrow and ofcourse in return their allowed to borrow from my personal stash. It’s a great way to read new books, plus you get to discuss them with your friends, win win!

And there we have it. My ten ways of reading for less. Take note and enjoy!


Lauren _V