Book Review: Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell – Prepare for the feels.


Prepare for the emotions guys, here’s my latest review on Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell.

“His eyes settled on her…piercing green embers of flame that revealed the ferocity of his pain and passion, yet still shrouded him under veils of ever-deepening mystery that made every ounce of her ache to unravel him.”

I don’t read romance novels very often because I often find them overly clichéd, badly written and generally disappointing. Melody’s Key COMPLETELY DEFIED MY EXPECTATIONS. I couldn’t tare through it quick enough, the plot is beautiful, meaningful and utterly breath-taking. Not to mention the LYRICS, OH MY THE LYRICS, you’ll be a ball of happy tears. It’s Dallas Coryell’s debut romance novel that would probably be considered Young Adult although I think anyone of any age would appreciate it.

It follows the story of beautiful, intelligent and frankly under-appreciated Tegan Melody Lockwood. A girl living in scenic Lymington in her family’s manor house, now a holiday retreat for many. Tegan is talented in many ways, she can sing, create music, paint and has a wonderful gift for seeing the beauty in things. But unfortunately, her family struggle desperately to make ends meet, so much so, it stops her from following her dreams and attending a prestigious art school. Tegan decides to get on with her life, helping her family run the holiday business over the long summer holidays, until someone unexpected decides to check in. Enter Mason Keane, an extremely good-looking pop star trying to escape the world and the media’s watchful eye. cover-jpegHe’s hurting and completely alone, broken by his record company and the worlds expectations of him. It was hate at first sight. Tegan detested him, but she soon started to see the sad, loyal and talented man who laid beneath the ‘popstar’ persona. They eventually get closer, realizing they have far more in common than Tegan first thought. But Tegan and Mason have pasts that they want to forget, things that threaten the blossoming of their passionate love. Will Mason find the key to Tegan’s heart?

Utterly beautiful, the characters are so real, I feel like I know them personally. I think anyone that’s ever been in love or even felt alone, can relate to Coryells masterpiece. The writing is lyrical and dreamy, mixed in with song lyrics to die for. For a debut novel, Coryell has really outdone himself and I hope he continues writing, if only so I can cry and turn into an emotional wreck once more. All though there are some grammatical errors that could easily be fixed, the novel is a bible of love with a soul like no other. If you want to read a romance novel that will actually make your heart beat faster, Melody’s Key is the novel for you.  It’s been tried and tested on my stony heart, if it can crack that then it can crack yours!

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