A Poem By A Friend

So now and then I get shown amazing pieces of art that I feel obligated to share with the world and here is the latest I absolutely love! Do comment and tell the budding poet what you think!


Tell me dear mind

Tell me dear mind

What caused you to turn?

What made you a traitor

Who’d watch me burn?

Your alliance with emotion

Both turned against me

A trust suddenly broken

To a state I could not see

Was it my mother

Who bore me to term?

Or my father

Who raised me with concern?

Was it my brother

Who slighted and teased?

Or was it my friends

All to ready to leave?

Was it my teachers

Cold and unattached?

Or was it my love

Whom I just couldn’t catch?

Was it my doctor

Who prescribed without thought?

That caused me to think my life was for naught

Tell me dear mind

What I did to deserve

The sleepless nights,

The functioning on reserves

I’ll scramble together the pieces of me

To fill up the cracks and find harmony

Tell me dear mind is it plain to see?

That simply you were only protecting me


By Miss Wellstead


An open letter to Suicide

One of the most beautiful, heart-wrenching things I’ve ever read. Utterly devastating and raw. I beg you all to read and listen, to understand.

Surviving Suicide - A Sister's Story


Dear Suicide,

You are possibly the one thing that I never really gave much consideration to when I was growing up. Why would I? I enjoyed a blissful childhood, surrounded by two loving parents and two unique but equally loving sisters. Whilst we had our squabbles, our fallouts and our screaming matches – as sisters do – we grew up to become best friends. We lived together, socialised with the same friends and despite the difference in years, we shared similar interests. As a threesome we relied on each other and always had each other’s best welfare at heart. Then you came along!

I suppose looking back you seeped unknowingly into our lives way before we even knew you existed, like a slow growing cancer that lies dormant for so long that you have to watch and wait, to see not if but when, it’s going to cause damage. Unlike…

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