Hello marvelous world,

I’m Lauren Victoria Noding, best known for my sense of humor, my love of books, sharing books and writing. You may also know me from my Moviepilot Blog: Movies, Books, Life & more, or even my Tumblr: Carousels and Cola or even my Bookstagram: @chasingrainbowsxx

However if you don’t know me from any of these blogs, then I shall give you a very brief description here:

I’m 22 years old, 6ft tall and consider myself well-built like the pyramids, I have Borderline Personality Disorder (read here – Mental Illness for 2yr olds) and I have a humongous love for writing, reading and cake. I’m currently studying a Masters in Publishing at Kingston University, meanwhile I have lots of experience in publicity from working in publishing houses, and publicizing my own work. This blog is primarily for my book reviews, articles about literary themed amazingness, short stories I occasionally write and a safe space to talk about living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

To find out more about my publicity work and packages, please take a look at the page headed: Publicity Packages. Here you can find information about my experience and what I offer, including price range. Don’t be put off if my packages don’t seem just right for you, they are there to give you a rough idea of what I can provide. If you give me an email at: Laurennoding@hotmail.co.uk, we can talk about creating a personal package to your specification which will include a reasonable quote.

I hope you all find something you like about my blog, but do keep checking in as I do update regularly!

All the best,

Lauren Victoria Noding



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